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Come Visit Our Avrame Show Home! Located near Port Severn, ON.
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Avrame Anchor Services

Avrame Kits

Avrame is a global leader in the production of highly customizable A-frame kit homes. Avrame offers an affordable, efficient, and modern take on the classic A-frame design. Delpine Properties is a Canadian distributor for Avrame.

Avrames are designed to be built quickly and with minimal waste of time and materials. This allows you to keep construction costs down and reduce the total cost of your build. For more information see the links below.

Avrame Main Site


Map of Global Projects

Development Anchor Services

Full Project Development

Are you ready for your dream Avrame but not sure where to start? Let us help and take the stress off your shoulders!

We offer our services throughout the entire building process. This ranges from permitting and planning to full project management. Everyone has different needs and experience when it comes to building and we are happy to customize our services to match your needs.

Use the global experience of Avrame along with the local expertise of Delpine to get your project done right!

Rental Anchor Service

Rental Properties

A rental property is an excellent way to generate additional income and also provide an escape for personal use! Our Avrame kits offer the perfect opportunity to build a rental unit with a ton of appeal and a cost effective build.

Develop on Your Own

If you're ready to build an Avrame rental today let us know! We'll help you get your rental running as soon as possible.

Delpine Rentals

Keep checking back with us for the release of our Delpine rental properties!

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