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Log Homes

All logs are naturally air dried for a minimum of one year before any cutting. Once climatized, the raw timbers are planed in factory to the customized log profile and size, then processed on an automated CNC machine. This ensures each log is cut and drilled with optimal precision. Logs also maximize the efficiency of your home through double tongue and groove profile, allowing for a triple seal between each log course.

A thermo-spring thru-rod compression system compresses the logs and negates the need to tighten the wall manually. You will save thousands in on-site labour by routing electrical box allowances into the logs for all outlets, switches, and lights, while all wire chases are pre-drilled into the logs. Once the logs are cut the home is pre-assembled for quality assurance, disassembled, and packaged for delivery to your site.

See below for a few example of log home designs. We can design your home from scratch or modify any existing plans we have.

The Weathered Woods

2,378 Square Feet (Main and Second Floors)


2 Bathroom, 3 Bedroom, Garage, Media Room 

The Lakes

1,742 Square Feet (Main and Second Floors)


3 Bathroom, 3 Bedroom 

The Woodhaven

2,994 Square Feet (Main and Second Floors)


4 Bathroom, 3 Bedroom 

Kauai Cabin

479 Square Feet (Main Floor)


1 Bathroom, 2 Bedroom 

Rustic Woods

1,220 Square Feet (Main and Second Floors)


2 Bathroom, 3 Bedroom 

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